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  • Hi I’m up here for work how’s the club’s up here cutie

  • Its really nice plus im working tonight! come see me!

  • Hello Cali, i am from Detroit, i never been there before, can you tell how much the dances are?

  • lap dance is 20, bed dance 30, come see me ;=)

  • YES I DO.. COME SEE ME ;=)

  • Are you the one who said she’s from Vegas?

  • No, Olivia is from Vegas

  • Going up north soon and never been to this location. What type of dances are available and what is allowed to do

  • Hello, we have $20 Couch dances, $30 Bed dances and $150 15 minute VIP dances.
    T.A.P.: no touching of the Breasts, Butt or Privates… T.A.P.!
    Come and visit, we are here Monday through Saturday opening at 7 PM.

  • Hey cali had a wonderful time in the bed dance. Ill see you sooner than later 😉

  • I hope so Baby!

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