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  • Thank you for the dances tonight. I will definitely b back to see u again.

  • Chanel and all the girls made my birthday so much more fun, thanks ladies…

  • Do you like guys in panties? I like to wear satin panties when I go out to the club 🙂

  • Chanel made my night she is an incredibly talented woman

  • Omg. Wow best dance I’ve had in a minute. Made my night on my birthday

  • Made it pour last night didn’t see u thought all the girls might cum runnin

  • Oh Chanelly listening can’t stop thinking about the $1000 I gave you to get 13 blue balls in return 🙂 lmao

  • Thank you for the wonderful company and the phenomenal dance! I hope to see you again when I come back in April

  • Thanks Jerry.. I’m always working thursday thru Saturday. Hope to see you soon!

  • Will never forget your name again….what an awesome dance (or two or whatever) Chanel…. I remembered you again as soon as you started dancing……..So good it hurt 🙂 What days you working next week? Wanna do a VIP (if I can handle it)

  • Or it could have been the 150$ bar tab at dinner before we came in, either way we had a great time, you guys have a good all around staff, highly recommended!

  • Thanks for the kind words jay!!

  • Love to see u again I had a great time with u the dance was amazing. ………!!!!

  • Chanel is freakin’ gorgeous…we’re talking model material. Hope you’ll share some more pics of her!

  • Thank you so much for my VIP dance the other night I had a great time and I can’t wait to have another dance with you again.

  • Sorry we missed you last week. Your Favorite couple..

  • Thanks so much for an amazing time Thursday night! We will see you again soon!

  • Thank you so much, I’m here almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, come see me again!

  • Sup girl! Are you guys showing the fight tonight?

  • Nope,sorry.

  • Coming up Saturday night, you dancing?

  • Sorry James, I am taking a few weeks off. Check here on the dancer’s schedule tab, they update it every Monday.
    But, I promise to return….

  • Chanel, you are an amazingly beautiful dancer. Sexy Sexy Sexy, that you are. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for a great time always!!!

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