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Hi, I’m Foxy! I have big brown eyes, and a body full of curves. I’m intelligent and very lovely person to be around. So I am told! I am very turned on by confident men, and a good sense of humor. Also very turned on by girls ;)

“I may be a sweet girl, but all innocence is “stripped” when you get me on the couch!!!!”

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Questions and Answers

  • See Foxy for a beautiful girl with the brains to go with it. She is a pleasure to get along with and will give you a couch dance you will never forget. All the girls here are friendly and make you feel welcome.

  • Thanks for the Awesome dance acouple weeks ago.. Cant wait to bring the wife back and have that couples dance we talked about… Huggs

  • Hey foxy I had alot of fun last night by the way I’m the one that had the spit hair colors I would love to get to know u better. So hit me up if you’d like.

  • Foxy, thanks for making the coldest spring night hot. Had a lot to think on for the trip home. Wish I knew where your imagination took you. Definitely with I was closer so I could stop[ in sooner.

  • Do you like guys in panties? I like to wear satin panties when I go out to the club 🙂

  • Hey. I am the guy whom you said was soft and smelled good. Thank you by the way. Text me up 231-233-****

  • Five three one four

  • Thanks for the dance last night.I loved it..I’ll be CUMMING back for more…

  • I was there a couple nights ago and my first time at a strip club. .. you were amazing and those eyes were mesmerizing I’m definitely coming back

  • Thanks Barney! I cant wait to stare into your eyes -;)

  • I am wondering if the bed or lap dances are private and what the cost is?

  • all dances are private, couch dance is $20, beds are $30 per song

  • You were amazing. Me and my girlfriend visited today 5/13 and had the best time. Thank you. Are there any specials to come again?

  • Awesome dance Roxy….had too much fun….we have to do it again…maybe multiples 😉

  • How much is VIP and how long??

  • $150 for 15 minutes.. Come get one from me

  • Had a lot of fun tonight. What’s your schedule looking like next week?

  • I should be in Thursday, Friday and Saturday, come see me Baby!

  • friday and Saturday, you comming in?

  • Will you be in tonight I had such a good time I want to come back up there

  • Come see me Friday and Saturday this week! You can check this site daily to see if I’m scheduled too!

  • Do you rember me I had on a shirt that said hello my name is jack squat..

  • Sure, I’m working tonight, come and see me or see me and………

  • are you working tonight

  • I sure am baby!

  • I was in Thursday night and had an amazing time with you and hate that it had to end also I didn’t get to say goodnight maybe next time 😗

    Ps I would love to talk to you

  • Aww you’re sweet, come and see me here, we can chat again!
    Check my schedule on this site.

  • Get at me i would like to meet u when i come up

  • Sorry I’m travelling fo a few weeks 🙁

  • Deeply missing the absolute gorgeous foxy I’m going to make a trip to the club as soon as u get back!

  • Hey when will you be back?

  • Soooooon, lol!
    I’m not sure but I always return!

  • Hey guess what?
    I’m at Fantasys this week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

  • when are you working?

  • This weekend baby, come see me!

  • Foxy was definitely my favorite dancer, me and my friend were out celebrating Veterans Day and i can honestly say I’m very happy we stopped and met her.. thank you foxy for everything just wish I had time for one last dance…till next time 😉

  • The way you moved your body was amazing. We loved the way you played on the ring. Also the bed dance was more than amazing for both of us. You made our first time unforgettable.

  • Thanks so much, I had a wonderful time too, and look forward mto your return…

  • I am the guy with the Hawaiian shirt last night. It was my first time to the club and Foxy made it an amazing night out. I got to relax and enjoy my time out. I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing time. For anyone wanting a great time go see this gorgeous lady.

  • are you working this weekend?

  • I work the 24th and 25th. come play with me 😉

  • what weekends do you work?

  • Foxy was an amazing and beautiful dancer she takes Time to make you feel special very smart and down to earth. Private dances and VIP dances are one of a kind on a scale of 1 – 10 I would give her a 12 for sure. Thanks foxy I look forward to my next visit!

  • are you working tonight

  • Foxy has all the moves. I mean all … the …..moves. She is alluring, has all the curves, and is a lot of fun. She is one of the best at what she does and is well worth the time and money. We even discussed Gustave Courbet’s “The Origin of the World” in a meaningful way. See how she inspires you?

  • Just wanted to say thanks, thanks for the blue balls 😅 the hottest dance ive ever had, your eyes….

  • really need some dances from you soon, what’s your schedule like?

  • Hi Foxy,
    I enjoyed sharing time with you while in Traverse City. Not only are you beautiful but you are also kind, smart and articulate. I wish you the best for now and always. I hope that you have a chance to read the book that we talked about. If you forgot the title just email me.

  • It was so nice to meet you too Shawn! I will try to get around to reading it, and wish you the best as well.

  • Hi Foxy, Ryan (?) Thank you for your kind words. I hope to get back to Traverse City more often. I look forward to seeing you while there.


  • Hi Foxy,

    Just wondering how you are doing with Covid-19? Hope that you are doing well.

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