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About Foxy

Hi, I’m Foxy! I have big brown eyes, and a body full of curves. I’m intelligent and very lovely person to be around. So I am told! I am very turned on by confident men, and a good sense of humor. Also very turned on by girls ;)

What is you favorite sexual position? Reverse cowgirl

Where is the craziest place you have had sex? In the woods.

“I may be a sweet girl, but all innocence is “stripped” when you get me on the couch!!!!”

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Questions and Answers

  • See Foxy for a beautiful girl with the brains to go with it. She is a pleasure to get along with and will give you a couch dance you will never forget. All the girls here are friendly and make you feel welcome.

  • Thanks for the Awesome dance acouple weeks ago.. Cant wait to bring the wife back and have that couples dance we talked about… Huggs

  • Hey foxy I had alot of fun last night by the way I’m the one that had the spit hair colors I would love to get to know u better. So hit me up if you’d like.

  • Foxy, thanks for making the coldest spring night hot. Had a lot to think on for the trip home. Wish I knew where your imagination took you. Definitely with I was closer so I could stop[ in sooner.

  • Do you like guys in panties? I like to wear satin panties when I go out to the club 🙂

  • Hey. I am the guy whom you said was soft and smelled good. Thank you by the way. Text me up 231-233-****

  • Five three one four

  • Thanks for the dance last night.I loved it..I’ll be CUMMING back for more…

  • I was there a couple nights ago and my first time at a strip club. .. you were amazing and those eyes were mesmerizing I’m definitely coming back

  • Thanks Barney! I cant wait to stare into your eyes -;)

  • I am wondering if the bed or lap dances are private and what the cost is?

  • all dances are private, couch dance is $20, beds are $30 per song

  • You were amazing. Me and my girlfriend visited today 5/13 and had the best time. Thank you. Are there any specials to come again?

  • Awesome dance Roxy….had too much fun….we have to do it again…maybe multiples 😉

  • How much is VIP and how long??

  • $150 for 15 minutes.. Come get one from me

  • Had a lot of fun tonight. What’s your schedule looking like next week?

  • I should be in Thursday, Friday and Saturday, come see me Baby!

  • friday and Saturday, you comming in?

  • Will you be in tonight I had such a good time I want to come back up there

  • Come see me Friday and Saturday this week! You can check this site daily to see if I’m scheduled too!

  • Do you rember me I had on a shirt that said hello my name is jack squat..

  • Sure, I’m working tonight, come and see me or see me and………

  • are you working tonight

  • I sure am baby!

  • I was in Thursday night and had an amazing time with you and hate that it had to end also I didn’t get to say goodnight maybe next time 😗

    Ps I would love to talk to you

  • Aww you’re sweet, come and see me here, we can chat again!
    Check my schedule on this site.

  • Get at me i would like to meet u when i come up

  • Sorry I’m travelling fo a few weeks 🙁

  • Deeply missing the absolute gorgeous foxy I’m going to make a trip to the club as soon as u get back!

  • Hey when will you be back?

  • Soooooon, lol!
    I’m not sure but I always return!

  • Hey guess what?
    I’m at Fantasys this week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

  • when are you working?

  • This weekend baby, come see me!

  • Foxy was definitely my favorite dancer, me and my friend were out celebrating Veterans Day and i can honestly say I’m very happy we stopped and met her.. thank you foxy for everything just wish I had time for one last dance…till next time 😉

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