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Hello! I have too much energy and need some help letting it loose. If you are up for the challenge, stop in and see me! I love the company.

Keep me company at if you are feeling cabin fever <3 Free Subscription | Unlimited Chatting | Naked Yoga+Aerial Performances | Wild Content

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Questions and Answers

  • Haven’t met Ivy yet, but she looks delicious! Hope to catch her next time I’m up north!

  • Hey ivy, I was in last night (2/5/16) and had a blast! You are smokin hot! I’d love to see more, but cant right now. Love to have more dances.

  • Hey Ivy, I was there back in December and just wanted to say I had a great time with you. You are so fucking sexy i wish i could have stayed longer and get more dances but I had to leave when my party left. You are the best dancer there because not only are you are hot ass hell but you are also awesome to talk to. Can’t wait to come back up north to see you again.

  • I love Ivy too! She’s hot as hell and she goes the extra mile. Hope you’ll add a few more pics of her!

  • Does Ivy have a Twitter account? I’d like to follow her.

  • Heya Eevee, I missed you when I was last in (you switched a night from Tuesday to Wednesday on short notice). When is the best time to come see you to buy a few dances?

  • I got a v.i.p dance from you and it was amazing definitely coming to see you again!

  • We came in towards the end of the night and went into v.i.p with you. Me and my girlfriend are interested in seeing you again. 😉

  • Ivy its tyler from Saturday night. You truly are an amazing girl. You made my night. I will definitely be back for more! Bring the hat, you never know when I’ll show up. How can i find out when you’ll be in again?

  • Time….was all we needed lol 👋🤗😊
    ATA UNLIMITED lol 😎😜

  • Love watching IV; she can make even the most ordinary action an event worthy of spectators — I watched her get a snack, for example, and it was as if I were watching living, breathing art.

  • Thanks for the great time Wednesday! Hope you had a good turkey day!

  • Thanks again.
    Needed the level.

    And rock the cuneiform.

  • Question?
    Have a bachelor party coming up in april. Do you or any of the girls do shows at private residences?

  • No but you can always enjoy us at Fantasy’s! We party till after 2am on the weekends!

  • How late you open

  • 130-230am!

  • Had fun last night love the tattoos

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