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  • Thanks for the Dances earlier this month… Angie loved the, and we cant wait to visit again.. huggs

  • Thanks for the dances tonight. They were amazing. Tell the bossman he will have his money tomorrow.

  • What’s the vips get?

  • It was my pleasure, cant wait to have you back!

  • Awesome Lapdances with the best looking girls in Michigan! Also a private cool VIP room with its own stage!

  • Just wanted to say thanks for making my first visit to a strip club special! You’re a beautiful dancer! I’m glad my boy toy talked me into coming, he told me once you experience a strip club I’ll wanna go back. Boy was he right lol 🙂 Tell your boss thanks for the Passes, we’ll definitely be back! See you soon. 🙂

  • Do you like guys in panties? I like to wear satin panties when I go out to the club 🙂

  • Lady Sirene is one of my favorite dancers at Fantasy’s, both on stage and in the private settings. I recently came across this video of her performing and it is a stunning display of her talent.

  • Thanks.Its was great sseeing you

  • Thank you for the fantastic dance and company you gave me while I was there. And thank you for making me laugh I needed it today. Ill be back in April and will drop by to see if your still around so we can try a few more dances.

  • I’ll be looking forward to it sweetie!!

  • Best dancer there!

  • Thank You!

  • Thank you so much for all of my dances you made both of the nights that I was there wonderful. Hopefully you will still here when I come back in November so I can enjoy your company again

  • The total package, classy and very well mannered. Having heard the Sirene call this sailor crashed upon the rocks with a grin. A true muse and glamour girl one would never forget.

  • Hey just wanted to say thank you for my dances on Tuesday night to made it a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see you when I come back next.

  • Thanks for the dances! You’re absolutely stunning and beautiful. It was very hard to say no to more dances from you. If I could spend all day with you I would!

  • Thank you Kyle, come and see me again!

  • Just wanted to say thank you! U are the most Beautiful Woman! U treated me like a king. Thank You so much beautiful. Look me up on FB. U’ll remember me😊😘

  • Thank you for the fun night! You are fun and beautiful, that was just what I needed.

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