Meet The Dancer - Lady Sirène


About Lady Sirène

See the burlesque star Lady Sirène at her home club.

If you can't help but want more, check out her website and get in on where she will be featuring at next.

Questions and Answers

  • Thanks for the Dances earlier this month… Angie loved the, and we cant wait to visit again.. huggs

  • Thanks for the dances tonight. They were amazing. Tell the bossman he will have his money tomorrow.

  • What’s the vips get?

  • It was my pleasure, cant wait to have you back!

  • Awesome Lapdances with the best looking girls in Michigan! Also a private cool VIP room with its own stage!

  • Just wanted to say thanks for making my first visit to a strip club special! You’re a beautiful dancer! I’m glad my boy toy talked me into coming, he told me once you experience a strip club I’ll wanna go back. Boy was he right lol 🙂 Tell your boss thanks for the Passes, we’ll definitely be back! See you soon. 🙂

  • Do you like guys in panties? I like to wear satin panties when I go out to the club 🙂

  • Lady Sirene is one of my favorite dancers at Fantasy’s, both on stage and in the private settings. I recently came across this video of her performing and it is a stunning display of her talent.

  • Thanks.Its was great sseeing you

  • Thank you for the fantastic dance and company you gave me while I was there. And thank you for making me laugh I needed it today. Ill be back in April and will drop by to see if your still around so we can try a few more dances.

  • I’ll be looking forward to it sweetie!!

  • Best dancer there!

  • Thank You!

  • Thank you so much for all of my dances you made both of the nights that I was there wonderful. Hopefully you will still here when I come back in November so I can enjoy your company again

  • The total package, classy and very well mannered. Having heard the Sirene call this sailor crashed upon the rocks with a grin. A true muse and glamour girl one would never forget.

  • Hey just wanted to say thank you for my dances on Tuesday night to made it a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see you when I come back next.

  • Thanks for the dances! You’re absolutely stunning and beautiful. It was very hard to say no to more dances from you. If I could spend all day with you I would!

  • Thank you Kyle, come and see me again!

  • Just wanted to say thank you! U are the most Beautiful Woman! U treated me like a king. Thank You so much beautiful. Look me up on FB. U’ll remember me😊😘

  • Thank you for the fun night! You are fun and beautiful, that was just what I needed.

  • I apologise in advance, but I honestly don’t remember the name of the lovely lady I saw last night. Given the pictures I’m able to view here I believe it’s you. I just wanted to say hi, thank you and stay in touch.

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