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  • Boobies boobies boobies

  • Hey Persia! I just left there and you gave me a second dance just before i left. You said youd be working more this summer but i was hoping for a picture to remember the night by. Your were awesome.

  • Thank you Baby, I’m sorry I don’t offer pictures, however I am here every weekend, come back…..

  • Met you on Saturday at the end of the night. Don’t forget to watch Neon Demon. I think you might dig it.

  • Ohh looks scary good, thanks I wont!

  • You looked absolutely beautiful when I saw you on Friday night. I’m glad you came back for a double dance, it made my night.🔥

  • I remember you 😉 Come see me next weekend!

  • I met you just this last Friday was short black guy you made my night amazing thank you 😆😆😆😆

  • Anytime Jordan, I’m here almost every weekend…

  • Hey Persia, just wanted to thank you again for making my pit stop very enjoyable tonight! Super sexy and fun to talk to! It was my first time there but it definitely won’t be my last as long as you are there! You’re perfect! 🙂

  • Thanks Chris, your Pit Crew awaits!

  • Hey had fun tonight we went 3 times hope you had as much fun as I did 😉 Stay safe.

  • I did have fun! I’m off this week, but back next… come and see me again.

  • Hi Persia,

    You come highly recommended. Will you be there next weekend when my friends and I come through?

  • Hello Mike, I will not be in this weekend, but will be back 13th, 14th and 15th, come and see me…..

  • Just wanted to say thanks for a great time sweetheart you’re awesome

  • Ahh, your so sweet! Come and see me again.

  • Never seen an ass like that in my life. Best 130 we’ve ever spent in my life

  • 😀 (blushing) I’m here almost every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I look forward to your next visit…

  • Hey Persia,
    I had a really good time last night, and thank you for making my 18 th birthday the best ever. You smelled great and you are a very beautiful woman. And I can’t stop thinking about you. It is driving me crazy.

  • I had a wonderful time tonight. Those eyes are really something. Be cool to get a follow IG: bigharbs

  • Hey persia, I was the redhead with the new truck. I was in last Friday. You made my first time really awesome. I really liked talking to you and you have a great body. Maybe next time we can talk some more on the VIP couch?😉😉

  • Hey Persia, thank you for the dances last night you were amazing. You told me I look like the king of the north from Game of Thrones I looked it up and kind of saw it.. funny.

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