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  • Remi, when do you work next week?

  • Mon,Wed,Thurs,Fri! C u there! 😉

  • Hi! We were your couples bed dance last night and my girlfriend was the tiny blonde that was crazy about you. You are very attractive and we want to get in contact with you. Hopefully you’ll write us back!! tty soon 😉

  • Thank you for coming in it was a lot of fun. Be in contact!

  • Thought you were amazing and you can definitely expect to see me quite soon before I leave again just before the 18th or 19th of March. I’ll be sure to tell you my turn on then. 😉 My question is, what tattoo is your most favorite that you have?

  • Hey Sexy.!!! Just wanted too say thanks for the fun dances on Saturday nite…
    You are an amazing dancer.

  • Had a great time! Too good in fact, if that’s possible! Lol. I’ll be looking for print number 37 next time I’m out to dinner. You know what I mean. 😉

  • Came in on Wednesday after a long night of work. Loved talking to you. Would love to be in again and see you. Thanks for the relaxing night and fun conversation!!!!

  • Do you like guys in panties? I like to wear satin panties when I go out to the club 🙂

  • Hey you should post some pics so i can show everyone who took all my money last night!

  • I heard you quit dancing

  • Never!

  • The missus and I came in on a whim tonight (3/21/14). While all the girls had something, we were both impressed with your acrobatics on the pole as well as your beauty. If we ever come by again while you were working, her and I would both like a dance from you.

  • Remi Shawna from last night I am way interested in dancing …I used to dance on a dance team…it’s a huge passion of mine please contact me would love to know what I need to do about getting involved…2313736832 thanks again your beautiful inside and out don’t ever stop being you!

  • Hello Remi – thank you for the anniversary dances, you are awesome, when are you dancing again?

  • You are very impressive through and through. I thought about what you asked me, and the real answer is”when you stared in my eyes” you made me feel good about myself, still would love to hear from you. Hence the crumbled up dollar that had writing on it. (Joe)

  • Hey,wondering what days you work next week? You were awesome when I was in!

  • I will be coming in late October. Hope to see you.

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