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  • Rossa you were absolutely amazing up on that stage and especially when u did the2 for 30 for me and my wife saturday nighy….you are absolutely gorgeous we didn’t stop talking about our experience with u all night….while we were there we were trying to get a picture of you but everyone told us no but the one guy said we could email u and ask u for a pic…..we just want it as a memory to remind us we need to come see you again soon….hippie to hear from u soon gorgeous xoxo

  • Thanks, you two were very fun, let me see what I have!

  • OMG.. Stunning. the wife and i stopped in Saturday night and missed out on a great couch dance. Next time we stop shes ready.. Keep it up and stay sexy..

  • Rosa, are you working this Saturday, May 6th? My wife and I will be in town and would love to get some dances!

  • No, sorry I’m not working right now, if that changes I will reply again, thanks.

  • She did an amazing job last night and to top it off she is drop dead gorgeous! When I saw her stage dance I knew that, that’s who I wanted to get my dance from because she did such a great job, and then I was still stunned with how good of a job she did with my 2 for 30, she deserved every single last dollar in the club and then some.

  • Wow! Thank you soooo much! Check out the dancer’s schedule right here on the site and come see me again!

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