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I am a bit of a spitfire, but if you can handle me, you can handle anything. I'll be waiting.

In the meantime stay updated with my profile page; .

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  • can’t wait to see you again it was great you really made my night:* i will be back :* for you

  • You are absolutely stunning and worth every single penny. Beautiful eyes, a rocking body, and a personality. Thank you for a great night. Get me your dancing schedule some how.

  • Thank you Gavin, you are too kind, we did have a nice time didn’t we….
    My schedule is on Fantasy’s site, there is a weekly schedule and a daily, the daily is updated every afternoon.
    So you can check any afternoon and see if I am working! Come back tonight if you like…

  • Just wondering when you where going to be working this week?

  • Hi gorgeous I just wanted to thank you for my dances last month. I was hoping to see you one more time butnyou weren’t working last night but hopefully the next time I come out there you will be there so I can get a few dances from you if not a VIP dance.

  • Absuluty loved the time I had, if my dance would have lasted 30 seconds longer I would have needed to change into a clean pair of boxers. I’m cumming back when i can afford to

  • You are very stunning Stella hope to see ya again when I stop in there

  • You are amazing! I hope to see you again soon. Thank you for the kisses and the copy of your lips as well.

  • Stella you made my week! VIP tonight with you was amazing. Your eyes are unforgettable and completely stole my heart.

  • Aww, your so sweet, and I did enjoy our time togethr, looking forward to see you again.
    Love Stella

  • I enjoyed our talk, looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

  • Awesome job tonight well worth the wait

  • Stella I guess we have met before I’m sorry I didn’t have enough money to do a lap dance with you tonight hopefully next time I’m in I will

  • Thank you for the amazing lap dances. You made my birthday BEYOND memorable!

  • My goal is to make it STELLAR, thanks !

  • Defiantly had a great time day tonight! First time at the club for my bachelor party, couldn’t get my mind off the sexy petite Stella! Thanks for showing me a good time!

  • Thanks for a great time tonight. The double bed dance was hot and the VIP was well worth it. Have a safe drive home and if I can make it back on Tuesday I will sure try! You’re so sexy I’ll be thinking about you for a while. Xoxo -W

  • Stella, It sure was great talking to you last night! I wanted to talk to you after I saw you dance but when the light hit your eyes there was a blue beam that shot out from your eyes and temporarily blinded me! You seriously have gorgeous eyes (both of them) Hope to see you again sometime. BTW you are a great dancer and an extremely fun and wonderful person as well. Have a great day!!

  • Hope to see you soon hunny 🙂

  • Stella Rose is a real petite firecracker. She knows how to make you feel like you are having the time of your life. Really, really sweet.

  • This girl is a dime, let her run you bankrupt she’s totally worth it

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