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  • It might of been cold outside but it was one hot Summer night last night at Fantasy’s..thanks for the dance… Glad i was your 1st..cant wait to visit again…

  • it was nice to see you and talk with you for a bit. You are a very pretty and a great dancer. Sorry I left so quickly the last time I was in. I will be back to chat and dance with you again…. Mike.

  • Don’t know if you check this or not but I came in to visit a week ago. I know (Faith) and (Trinity) from way back when the club opened. We met and talked and I must say I’m impressed. At least you left a good impression on me of you anyway.. Write back if you get this. Mike.

  • Thank you for the great feed back and the girls appreciate it!

  • What fun can a bachelor and his party have with u guys

  • My girls and I are plenty of fun!

  • Do you like guys in panties? I like to wear satin panties when I go out to the club 🙂

  • SUMMER, I went to watch you Dance only once the end of June 2013 before I moved to Florida. I totally enjoyed the dances – You are beautiful. Your Eyes are amazing. But you have heard that before. Yes – I knew you before you started to work at Fantasy’s. I enjoyed talking to you at the store you frequented almost daily. I hope you respond to my email address. Hopefully you know who I am.

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