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  • I see that your schedule isn’t posted, was wondering what nights you work so I can come back and see you?

  • Hi Babe I work on tues wed thurs fri and sats usually. i remembr you- i wanna see ya again

  • Should we come there or crossroads???

  • Do you want 15-20 beautiful, cool girls…If so- FANTASY’S is The Spot! ? Or, do you want to have a Choice of 2-4 girls and watch them dance in their stockings…If you prefer “that…” than crossroads is your place!

  • Stopped in last and just have to say you were amazing! It was a crazy night but you were absolute grace under the strain and still gave the best dances I have ever had. I hope I can repeat soon !


  • Thanks for a great first time experience. I will for sure be coming back to see you soon.

  • You’re fucking awesome

  • Thanks for making my night the best! Next time I’d like to go to the VIP with you. You won’t remember me but I will always remember you. You left an amazing first time experience. I look forward to seeing you again.

  • Thanks for the awesome night you are such a beautiful girl and I really liked the private dances

  • i meant to say what our your Hours*

  • Monday through Saturday: 7PM-2AM

  • Thanks for making my homecoming great! Best dances from a beautiful dancer. Definately coming back for just vip dances from ya gorgeus!!

  • Taylor you were the best, thanks for a great VIP dances (I didn’t want to share you). Super nice and super cute. Wish you the best and hope to see you again sometime.

  • Had a great time watching you!! Miss my girl on girl time and my white hat misses you!! 🙂 Are you working every weekend? Should be in soon….it’s been a while!

  • Where have you been? And yes come and see me, I am on every weekend for the most part, check the schedule here!

  • Amazing dances can’t wait to come back do u work Tuesday tomorrow/today ?

  • Wednesday baby…..

  • Hey, you are amaing. Are you working,?Tuesday this week??

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week, maybe Tuesday?

  • Nevermind.. I see ur schedule has u off tonight (Tuesday ).. but Wednesday u will be there?.. look forward to seeing u again tomorrow or possibly next week

  • Hey, just wondering if your working 1st or/and 2nd weekend in Sept.? It’s been a while I’ve been to see you and I should be out for my birthday….this girl needs a fun night 🙂 Hope your working… 🙂 my white ball cap misses seeing you…

  • Taylor your adorable. Nothing else to say other then adorable lol.

  • Thank you, check here for my schedule and come and see me again!

  • Hey dear. Thanks again for the dances Friday night. Want to come see you again when do you work?

  • No, thank you Jody!
    I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week, looking forward to seeing you again!

  • Had the time of my life. So sexu

  • Kyle, we did had fun didn’t we…?
    Come and see me again Baby!

  • Had a lot of fun!

  • That’s what Birthdays are for!
    Come see me again…

  • Had a great time with you tonight you gave me a great first time on the bed can’t wait to see you again

  • Thank you, I had fun too, I’m here this weekend come and see me some more…

  • Hi, you are so sexy! Are women welcome for VIP dances as well?

  • Thank you ;=) Id love to do a VIP with you!!

  • Me and my buddies came and saw you for the first time every, we loved it and we will be back soon <3

  • I came over for my first time the other night! You were amazing by far the best girl here. P.S the lap dance was amazing. Will be back soon…

  • Hi Taylor you are so beautiful and you give the best dances!!! Thank you for being awesome!!!!

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