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There isn't enough time in the night to have the kind of fun I want, so snag a dance with me while you can! I'm a handful, in every way.

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  • I see that your schedule isn’t posted, was wondering what nights you work so I can come back and see you?

  • Hi Babe I work on tues wed thurs fri and sats usually. i remembr you- i wanna see ya again

  • Should we come there or crossroads???

  • Do you want 15-20 beautiful, cool girls…If so- FANTASY’S is The Spot! ? Or, do you want to have a Choice of 2-4 girls and watch them dance in their stockings…If you prefer “that…” than crossroads is your place!

  • Stopped in last and just have to say you were amazing! It was a crazy night but you were absolute grace under the strain and still gave the best dances I have ever had. I hope I can repeat soon !


  • Thanks for a great first time experience. I will for sure be coming back to see you soon.

  • You’re fucking awesome

  • Thanks for making my night the best! Next time I’d like to go to the VIP with you. You won’t remember me but I will always remember you. You left an amazing first time experience. I look forward to seeing you again.

  • Thanks for the awesome night you are such a beautiful girl and I really liked the private dances

  • i meant to say what our your Hours*

  • Monday through Saturday: 7PM-2AM

  • Thanks for making my homecoming great! Best dances from a beautiful dancer. Definately coming back for just vip dances from ya gorgeus!!

  • Taylor you were the best, thanks for a great VIP dances (I didn’t want to share you). Super nice and super cute. Wish you the best and hope to see you again sometime.

  • Had a great time watching you!! Miss my girl on girl time and my white hat misses you!! πŸ™‚ Are you working every weekend? Should be in soon….it’s been a while!

  • Where have you been? And yes come and see me, I am on every weekend for the most part, check the schedule here!

  • Amazing dances can’t wait to come back do u work Tuesday tomorrow/today ?

  • Wednesday baby…..

  • Hey, you are amaing. Are you working,?Tuesday this week??

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week, maybe Tuesday?

  • Nevermind.. I see ur schedule has u off tonight (Tuesday ).. but Wednesday u will be there?.. look forward to seeing u again tomorrow or possibly next week

  • Hey, just wondering if your working 1st or/and 2nd weekend in Sept.? It’s been a while I’ve been to see you and I should be out for my birthday….this girl needs a fun night πŸ™‚ Hope your working… πŸ™‚ my white ball cap misses seeing you…

  • Taylor your adorable. Nothing else to say other then adorable lol.

  • Thank you, check here for my schedule and come and see me again!

  • Hey dear. Thanks again for the dances Friday night. Want to come see you again when do you work?

  • No, thank you Jody!
    I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week, looking forward to seeing you again!

  • Had the time of my life. So sexu

  • Kyle, we did had fun didn’t we…?
    Come and see me again Baby!

  • Had a lot of fun!

  • That’s what Birthdays are for!
    Come see me again…

  • Had a great time with you tonight you gave me a great first time on the bed can’t wait to see you again

  • Thank you, I had fun too, I’m here this weekend come and see me some more…

  • Hi, you are so sexy! Are women welcome for VIP dances as well?

  • Thank you ;=) Id love to do a VIP with you!!

  • Me and my buddies came and saw you for the first time every, we loved it and we will be back soon <3

  • I came over for my first time the other night! You were amazing by far the best girl here. P.S the lap dance was amazing. Will be back soon…

  • Hi Taylor you are so beautiful and you give the best dances!!! Thank you for being awesome!!!!

  • Hey it’s Ty (a.k.a the one that DEEMED US THE TERRIBLE T’S) do not know if you remember but just wanted to say thanks and have you been told you were beautiful instead of Hot and Sexy? πŸ˜‰ Remember PURE MICHIGAN GORGEOUS! Had a great night you ladies are on top of your game, keep it up, would not mind to stop out again !! Any events coming up that you will be in Taylor? Wouldn’t d seeing you again

  • The only girl I was looking to get a dance from last night… which is why I had to get a few. You killed it. Until next time. Thanks. Keep up the good work

  • Honestly one of the best experiences I had tonight! Can’t wait to see you again. When’s the next day you’re working?

  • Absolutely fantastic time with you this past night. I’ll definitely have make a point to stop by again.

  • I hope to see you soon πŸ˜‰

  • First lapdance ever. So incredibly hot! Thank you babe. We enjoyed ourselves!

  • Girl you were amazing… really the most beautiful at the club…. save a horse ride a cowboy girl 😜

  • Blackmill rocks btw πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I was in Wednesday hoping to see you. I might not be in for a bit.

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