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  • Just got back from Fantasy’s and all I can say is Damn!!! The first two dancers were some of the best looking I’ve ever seen in gentlemen’s club in Michigan…and all the dancers had bangin’ bodies. Will return soon and recommend to friends. Great job !

  • Had a great time! I went for the featured dancer Suzie Malone and she was awesome. I also had the best lap dance I’ve ever had. All the girls were very sexy and each one had their own style when they took the stage, and always left you wanting more.

  • All the gals here are so sexy and sweet and their shows are all amazing. But for a real treat get a lapdance from foxy,paige and amera. If you pair them up it will be a heart thobbing,toe curlling experience.

  • To: Amera
    had a great time the other friday nite. it was the best lapdance ive ever had.. i cant wait till we get back up north to go clubbing again…having my husband watch as you danced for me was a turn on.. hope to see you again… Angie

  • I just have to say this is a great place to relieve your stress All the gals are so sweet Page and foxy will give you a lapdance that you will really enjoy I know I did.

  • I loved it and so did my friends that came from Detroit to visit. I would love to bring them in the summer when they come back ever looking for help let me know.

  • Had a great time tonight, lots of great girls, and excellent dances. Thanks to Chloe, Amera, and Desirae, excellent talent, keep UP the good work.

  • Desirae- You rocked my world, or as you said, gave me a huge boner. 😉 Maybe ill get to return the favor some day and rock your world for ya.. Thanks for showing me a good time!!

  • A lot of fun, even as a girl, it was fun, new, exciting, very friendly and comfortable. Veryyy interactive! Definitely worth every penny ;P Luna and Amera were my favorites, they were very friendly, nice, sexy, gorgeous, and naughty 🙂

  • i came in friday night and had an amazing time! u usually don’t purchase dances however i got a few from a girl that caught my eye. miss sexi Lexi was well worth the 1hr drive. i will definitely be back in ASAP

  • Awesome place and i would come here again and bring my friends too

  • A lot of fun, even as a girl, it was fun, new, exciting, very friendly and comfortable. Veryyy interactive! Definitely worth every penny ;P Luna and Amera were my favorites, they were very friendly, nice, sexy, gorgeous, and naughty 🙂
    (We are glad you had a great time, we always love another fun loving female at Fantasy’s!)

  • Love coming in to the club the girls are verry nice and Faith is one of if not the best girls in the place.All the girls are worth getting a dance from for sure.
    (We are glad that our girls, are the girls of your Fantasy’s)

  • Mama Sitta im so cuming in tonight and gettimg a dance from that phat ass
    (bring in MaMa!!! and you may have spelled coming wrong!!! ;-})

  • Neva, very sexy nice body best dancer you got !!!!!

  • This was the first strip club I have ever been to, and I loved it! I got my first lap dance too, which was fun. All of the girls are really nice.

  • See Foxy for a beautiful girl with the brains to go with it. She is a pleasure to get along with and will give you a couch dance you will never forget. All the girls here are friendly and make you feel welcome.

  • As a girl I never thought of going to a strip club before, but after my boyfriend and his friends got me to go once 3 years ago I loved it and offer to drive there anytime they want. Everyone there is so nice and sexy. And every time I go its like I’m a completely diffrent persone, I feel sexy and I’m not so shy. All thanks to you lovley ladies!

  • In all my years of doing this,this is one of the very best comments I have ever read! We are so happy that we could help and it feels great to see the appreciation! Thank you and continue to come in! Ask for Chad at the door next time you come in I would like to pay for your cover!

  • Awww thank you! 🙂

  • Stopped in on Valentine’s day with my gf for the first time. Very nice place! All the girls were very sexy. We received a dance from Skye and I watched Desirae dance for my gf. She liked it so much that when I asked what she wanted to do the following night, she said she wanted to go back to Fantasy’s to see her girlfriends! Thanks for a good time…we will be back!

  • the harlem vid was the best ever so far

  • Thank you, That video was alot of fun to put on! Stay posted and maybe you can be in the next one!

  • I came back saturday once again had a great time.Peterpan has neverland and I have fantasys. I would love to thank all the lovely ladies for being so sweet to me but as allways foxy took my breathe away .

  • Well Bangarang!

  • Fantasys is an amazing club with hot females especially foxy smoking hot and gives the best bed and private dances that you will ever get . Trust me 🙂 you won’t be disappointed

  • hi there i was in last friday i wanted to say thanks to all the girls u made my first time a night ill never forget. ill have to come come back soon to see u all!!!!!

  • Went to Fantasys the other night and had a blast it was my first time in a gentlrmens bar and got my first dance as well now i cant wait to go back i hope to come back soon and see all of yal againg (Winter, Jenny, Lisa and Tigger)

  • I visit the club 2 to 4 times a year and it is always a great time. Tonight I had the pleasure of getting a couple of dances from Zelda ( I totally love the video game reference) that was nothing short of amazing. I look forward to seeing her and rest of the fantasy’s girls on my next visit.

  • Had a lot of fun Friday. Vayda is beautiful and has an amazing body, and she showed me a great time on the bed. Cookie is a mysterious, fascinating, very sexy woman. She had me seriously turned on. I wish I could have stayed for Remi, Tigger, and Lady Sirene. They’re favorites.

  • All of our classy and beautiful ladies aim to please! We hope to see you back again David!!

  • If you like super cool, gorgeous blondes with curves that will never quit, you will love Cali and her mini me, Angel. I give them both six stars on a scale of one to five. If you like super skinny girls, there were too many of them running around also. I had a ball at Fantasy without breaking the bank!

  • Friday was my first ever trip to a strip club. Absolutely loved it! I also had my first lap dance from Persia while my husband watched. she was so amazing I ended up getting a second. All you ladies are amazing, beautiful, talented dancers who know how to run the stage and make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy their time there. Thank you ladies for a great night, and a special thanks to Persia! you rock girl! Cant wait for our next trip to TC so we can come to Fantasy’s again!

  • We went in with a group of 20 for my daughter’s bachelorette party and everyone had a great time. The staff and dancers made everyone comfortable and at ease. The dancers were amazing. The gentleman that greeted us and explained everything was so friendly. He was even able to go out to our car and get my stepmom who was adamantly opposed to coming in to come and sit for about 20 minutes. He also waved the cover charge for the designated drivers. We all had a great time and would definitely go back. Thank you for an amazing experience.

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